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    Precautions for using protective earmuffs
    Time: 2021-01-11
    Precautions for using protective earmuffs:
    1. When using earmuffs, check the shell for cracks and air leakage first. Pay attention to the position of the shell when wearing it, and wear it according to the shape of the auricle.
    2. Adjust the earmuffs to the proper position (just completely cover the auricle).
    3. Adjust the headband tension to proper tightness.
    4. Clean the soft pad regularly or as needed to maintain hygiene.
    5. Store in a dry place after use.
    6. The earmuff cushions will also age, which will affect the sound reduction effect. Therefore, they should be regularly inspected and replaced.
    Evaluation criteria for ear protectors:
    1. Sound attenuation: expressed by the difference in hearing threshold between wearing ear protectors and naked ears. The greater the difference, the better the performance of the ear protector. The ear protector can attenuate the noise by 10 to 45 decibels. There are two methods for measuring the sound attenuation of ear protectors: subjective test method (real ear method) and objective test method (artificial ear method). The former is a psycho-physical method, which is to measure the difference in hearing threshold with and without ear protectors in the free sound field. The latter is a physical method, which uses physical instruments to replace the subjective reaction of people to test the sound attenuation of ear protectors.
    2. Comfort: It is the subjective reaction of people wearing ear protectors. Judging from the actual use of ear protectors, whether ear protectors can be widely used depends mainly on whether they are comfortable to wear.
    3. Irritation, convenience and durability: Irritation refers to whether the ear protector has irritation to most people after wearing ear protectors for a period of time, and will it cause skin allergies. Convenience refers to whether the ear protector is simple in structure, easy to wear, and adaptable. Durability refers to the length of the life of the ear protector, which is not easy to age or damage.
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