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    How much noise can protective earmuffs reduce
    Time: 2021-01-11
    Generally speaking, you must wear anti-noise earplugs and earmuffs when working with noise above 100 decibels. So, how much noise can protective earmuffs reduce?
    Noise reduction effect of protective earmuffs:
    The protective earmuffs can reduce the noise rate (NRR) by 20 decibels, which can provide simple and convenient protection for the noise environment in a variety of environments. Protective earmuffs are ear protectors that can cover the entire auricle. The protective earmuffs are composed of two round shell-shaped bodies connected by a bow frame, and sound-absorbing materials and sealing gaskets are attached in the shell, and the whole shape is like earphones. Suitable for environments with high noise, the sound attenuation can reach 10-30dB. It can be used alone or in combination with earplugs. Suitable for all ear types. It is easy to take off; but it has a sultry feeling after long use. Many high-decibel working environments seriously affect the hearing safety of workers. Therefore, reasonable ear protectors should be selected for the workers according to the actual site environment to reduce the possibility of damage to the workers' hearing.
    Correct use of protective earmuffs:
    Stretch the earmuff headband to the maximum "open" position and cross the top of the head to cover the ears; relax the headband and adjust the height of the cup until the headband can support the cup and the ears feel comfortable; The cushion of the earmuffs should fit closely to the head. Adjust the headband to ensure correct tightening and effectively isolate noise.
    How to clean protective earmuffs:
    Install the recommended maintenance and cleaning methods for treatment to maintain the best noise reduction effect and performance. Only clean the surface of the earmuffs. Use neutral soapy water and warm water, do not soak in water. Do not use solvents, such as alcohol, acetone, anhydrous hand sanitizer, or products with lanolin to clean the earmuffs. Do not store the product in an environment with a temperature higher than 85°C. In order to ensure a stable noise reduction effect, good hygiene and comfort, it is recommended to check the earmuffs regularly for cracks or broken parts, especially the gaskets.
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