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    Under what circumstances must wear protective earmuffs
    Time: 2021-01-11
    Protective earmuffs play a protective role in places with poor working conditions and large noise hazards. So, under what circumstances must you wear protective earmuffs?
    The comfort threshold of our human ears is generally around 50 decibels, and sounds above 80 decibels are loud, that is, the loudness level of our speaking loudly. For a long time in a noisy environment, if it exceeds 70 decibels, it will damage our hair cells. Especially high-frequency noise can hurt your hearing even more. Therefore, if you work in this environment for a long time, you must wear protective earmuffs. Of course, people are more sensitive to noise, and there are big differences between individuals. Some people are more sensitive to noise, and some people are more adaptable to noise, which is also related to human needs, emotions and other psychological factors. Regardless of the differences between people, strong noises always need to be prevented. For your health, wear protective earmuffs.
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